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The Unique Designer

Some designers just work for the girls who have a nice figure and are very beautiful, but all kinds of girls-from Tina Turner to Nicole Kidman-are still an inspiration for Christian louboutin. This is the reason that Christian louboutin is famous all over the world now. The red-soled has become rigueur on the red carpet and among Hollywood's list. The director of the museum Valerie Steele thought that he is the foremost shoe designer in the world. Louboutin worked for some other fashion's biggest names in the early years of his career. His own shop set up until 1992, at the end of a picturesque 19th century Parisian arcade.

Christian louboutin is special from most seasoned designers that he found his calling as a 17 -year-old apprentice. He was in the famous dressing rooms of Paris's cabaret the Folies Beragere. As usual, the ateliers are the origin of the seasoned master's inspire. The girls going up and down the stairs with heavy headdress catches Christian louboutin's eyes. He found that the girls never pay attention to their shoes. This is this famous designer learn the shoes first time, although not very plentiful, But all the posture and proportion is prepared for the designer in the future.

Now the red sole is the sign of Christian louboutin, but it was a happy accident at that time. louboutin searched for a colorful sketch in the sole to match the shoe in his studio in his early designing days. He considered the black sole of shoe at the beginning, but he dropped because he realized that it is too dark. His assistant taken red nail polish and done her nails, and louboutin pained the soles unwittingly. What really surprised us is that it didn't take long time the red soles were very popular.