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3 Phases for Getting Your Confidence Back

If you are like many other people and suffer from a lack of self-confidence, you will probably relate to the words below. Read carefully, as you might also discover how to quickly claim your confidence back! You may not realize it but sometimes by you taking zero action due to a lack of self-confidence, you are creating space for others, maybe less smart or knowledgeable but more confident! If you want to stop doing that, read on - this might be just the right stuff for you.

In the first phase of your self-confidence development (you might be in it right now) you voluntarily give away your personal power to other people. How? You allow them to make decisions on your behalf, because you donA�t trust your judgment. You do stuff you donA�t believe in but you know will make you "look good" and be "approved of". You take the opinions of others as 100% correct and consider yours just wrong.

It is very possible that at a certain point you realize all of the above and say to yourself: enough is enough; I will stand up for myself. And you do. You do it with gusto and enthusiasm and start behaving as if you were always right. You start insisting on having the first choice, talking only about yourself and basically making sure that you are heard, seen and even felt! Yes, you will drain people with your requests and self-righteous attitude! Maybe this is an extreme description but I am sure you know some people in your surroundings who are like that! Now, are they more confident than people still hanging onto phase one? Absolutely not, they just use a different disguise for a very low self-esteem.

So what is the right way to be confident in a natural way? It is simple, really. In each and every situation use your heart. Your heart will tell you if you are giving away too much of yourself or if you are making too much of yourself. Your heart will indicate when is the time to push for your rights and when is the time to stop. Your heart will navigate you through the motions of keeping a balance between giving and taking. After all, when you are happy, you feel it in your heart, right? If your sense of self is being compromised, your happiness is amiss.

Therefore, when in doubt, have a little heart-to-heart with yourself; afterwards you will know exactly what to do and how to behave.

Natalie Ekberg is an international Personal and Executive Coach and author. She leads executives through major life transitions including mid-life career decisions. As a result they drop struggle and stress leading to the clarity and courage needed to live their vision.